IT recruitment with an agile approach

Branston MG is a full-service recruitment company focused on finding the right full-time employee(s) to meet your needs. With 20 years in recruiting, we've worked for top tier management consulting firms, successful technology start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies.

When looking for resources, you're already strapped for time. You need someone with a broad business understanding who can articulate the benefits and needs of your company, understand what you are looking for and know when they have found the right candidate(s). We can do this for you!

For Employers

Agile recruitment

In a highly competitive market place what makes BRANSTON MANAGEMENT the preferred supplier in outsourced recruitment? We offer competence, confidentially, passion, commitment, care and experience.

Our NO FIND NO FEE , means you only pay a fee if you recruit one of our candidates, giving you flexibility to try other recruitment methods alongside us. Competition is a good benchmark and on average more than 70% of the time our candidates are placed above competing agencies, newspaper advertisements and internal referrals.

Overall savings in the cost of recruitment. The cost per hire is a measurable commodity and differs depending on the level of involvement in the recruitment process from the management team. One of the benefits of the consultancy approach is in paying for what you get instead of paying for what you may or may not get. You may get few or no applications in response to a newspaper advertisement which you have to pay for regardless of response. On the other hand you may get 50 applicants which then have to be sorted, managed, shortlisted, interviewed and monitored taking valuable time and resources which you may need concentrated else where in the organisation, this is especially time consuming when more senior managers need to be involved in this process.

Guarantees and contingencies should the successful candidate/client match prove negative – we offer a free replacement service for any separation within the first 3 months of the contract commencing. And we assure clients of the same level of care and selection for the replacement candidate as we do for the original placement.

Recruitment process:

The consultancy approach ensures an objective input to your recruitment process. We work as an extension to your team to deliver a shortlist of pre-screened, quality candidates who are hand picked, and who share the vision and values of the client organisation.


We are able to identify, attract and extract motivated, dynamic, achievers with relevant experience, via a number of techniques.

  • Recommendation – 45% of our existing talent pool registered with us in the last year have had us recommended to them.
  • Advertising – 20% of our existing talent pool has been as a result of advertising – websites, directories, newspapers.
  • Other – 35% come from other sources such as PR activity, networking, recruitment fairs etc.